Add a line

There’s a reason, or better yet, there are several reasons why T-Mobile is the least popular of the major US carriers. Magenta doesn’t carry the iPhone, it often brings top-tier devices late, it doesn’t really have the edge on the competition with cheap plans or attractive promos, while the 4G LTE rollout has been and still is rather sluggish.

The failed AT&T merger from 2011 has definitely not helped T-Mo get back on its feet, but ever since the MetroPCS deal has been announced things are looking up. The iPhone is most likely coming, the Nexus 4 is exclusive to the network, which has been at least a marketing coup, while the special sales and promotions look better by the day.

As part of the latest Valentine’s Day offer, you can get a bunch of on-contract smartphones free with waived activation, but if that’s not your thing you might be interested in a new promo set to start tomorrow, on February 13.

Both new and existing T-Mobile customers can qualify for the offer, which promises to save you 5 bucks a month until January 2014. That’s for each new line you add to a family plan, so the total savings can be quite generous.


If the leaked doc picked up by TmoNews proves legit (and we think it will), Value add-a-lines will cost you nothing for almost a whole year, while Classic new lines will be just $5 each instead of the existing $10. Granted, the promo is not exactly original. In fact, T-Mobile had an identical deal last fall. Then again, if it was successful, why not bring it back?

Unfortunately, existing customers will get automatic contract extensions upon signing up for the deal. Another term of use forbids lines two through five to go for unlimited plans. Not cool, but at least you can have unlimited minutes on the primary line and 500 minutes for each “backup” user.

The expiration date is apparently March 23, so you’ll have enough time to decide whether or not the offer suits your needs. If you ask us, it’s at least worth considering. Just like T-Mo is slowly, but steadily becoming a real contender for Verizon, AT&T and Sprint. Do you guys agree?