Cyber Monday

Cyber Monday is here, and that means big savings over at T-Mobile. Today only, T-Mobile is offering extremely low pricing on the Samsung Galaxy S3, Galaxy Note 2 and many other handsets and tablets.

What’s the catch? It seems that you will need to start a brand new service plan or add a new line to an existing plan to qualify. Additionally, some of these deals require you to pay a higher price up-front and then send in a mail-in rebate. For example, the Galaxy S3 is $199 up-front before the $100 rebate, and the Note 2 will cost you $299.99 before the same rebate.

Not all phones will require a rebate though. In fact, many older handsets like the Samsung Galaxy S2 will cost absolutely nothing with a new two-year contract. There are also a few tablets on offer, such as the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 10.1 which is free after $200 rebate.

While most of us would rather stick with an Android device, it is also worth noting that T-Mobile is offering discounts on Windows Phone and Blackberry smartphones as well. Are you interested in getting a new phone or tablet from T-Mobile this Cyber Monday?

Andrew Grush
Andrew Grush has been with Team AA for 5 years now. He's passionate about tech, writing, gaming, and doing his best to help grow the AA team.