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T-Mobile cellular network appears to be down for a large number of US subscribers

It appears that T-Mobile's cellular network isn't playing nicely for a large number of U.S. subscribers. If you are having problems, you're not alone.
June 6, 2014

One sure way to ruin an otherwise good day is for your favorite website or service to go down, leaving you unable to use it. Even worse, how about an entire network? This seems to be the case for a vast majority of T-Mobile subscribers across the United States right now.

Taking a trip over to “Down Detector” you’ll find well over 1000 reports of dysfunctional service from Seattle to Dallas, Phoenix to Florida. You get the idea. The degree of network issues seems to vary, with some folks finding that calling, texting and data are all completely busted, while others can’t make calls but are able to text and/or use data.

T-Mobile has yet to pipe up as to what’s going on here, though hopefully the matter is resolved in fairly short order. Bottom-line, if you’re running into network troubles on Tmo, you aren’t alone. In the meantime, you can always go outside and enjoy the fresh air. What, crazy talk you say? Well… there’s always WiFi.

Are you affected by the Tmobile outage? If so, what part of the US are you in? If everything is working just fine, be sure to let us know that as well!

Thanks to Luka for the tip!

Update: While T-Mobile hasn’t released any details as to what went wrong (and likely won’t), it seems that nearly every tower in the US went down at some point this morning. For many, the outage lasted as much as 2 hours but only affected calling (not text/data). It seems that slowly but surely most of the towers are going back online. So if you don’t have service.. hopefully you will very soon. If you are really lucky, you may not have even noticed there was an outage!