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In late December we heard a rumor that T-Mobile’s uncarrier phase 4.0 would, among other things, be freeing customers from other carriers by offering credits to help offset the costs of leaving early and paying a termination fee.

Just yesterday, a “2014 resolutions” Twitter post by John Legere added further fuel to this fire with the promise to “unshackle the family from those other guys”. The final resolution was a jab at AT&T, reading as “Give AT&T a break… or not.” Bottom-line, T-Mobile is planning something big and will announce this change at CES in a few days. In order to steal a little thunder away from T-Mobile and fire the first punch however, AT&T has now announced it will offer T-Mobile customers up to $450 per line to switch away from the uncarrier.

The credit works like this: AT&T will give $200 for every line transferred from T-Mobile. Additionally, if you trade in a smartphone while switching to an AT&T Next plan or buying a phone outright, AT&T will give you a promo card worth up to $250 — depending on the phone. The promo card can then be used towards purchasing your new handset or even applied towards paying your phone bill.

Interestingly enough, this carrier switching promo is only aimed at T-Mobile, which indicates that AT&T is starting to see T-Mobile as a very serious threat. What do you think, any T-Mobile customers interested in jumping over to AT&T to take advantage of this offer? Conversely, any AT&T users anxiously awaiting T-Mobile’s rumored phase 4.0?