T-Mobile’s 4th quarter earnings report is in, with revenues of $4.9 billion marking the carrier’s second consecutive quarter of sequential growth. Alongside the company’s earnings report also comes some new information about the T-Mobile’s 4G LTE plans going forward.

The first bit of 4G LTE news is that the company reports that their LTE network in Las Vegas and Kansas City is now finished. Beyond that, T-Mobile says they plan to accelerate the launch of LTE services and intend to have coverage for 100 million people by the middle of this year, and 200 million by the year’s end.

Although T-Mobiles LTE plans are very important, the company isn’t abandoning its HSPA+ coverage efforts either. In fact T-Mobile reports coverage for 225 million people with HSPA+, 144 million of which are now covered under the 1900MHz spectrum. Today also marks Orlando, Florida and Richmond, Virginia’s move to the 1900MHz spectrum.

With the first two LTE networks complete, you might be wondering what LTE equipment T-Mobile has in place. For the moment the company has yet to release any consumer device with LTE enabled, but rumors do indicate that March 27th could see the launch of several LTE-enabled devices on the network. If we are lucky, there might even be a few more cities announced with LTE coverage by then.

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