Last month, T-Mobile announced they had plans to bring LTE coverage to 100 million people by the middle of the year, and 200 million by the year’s end. Now T-Mobile says they are finally turning on LTE service within the month.

According to T-Mobile, their plans to modernize their towers and services won’t just affect customers looking to get 4G LTE access, but should mean faster and improved coverage for everyone thanks to the installation of new antennas and machinery installed at the same time as the LTE hardware.

Of course when it comes to getting solid details about where and when the launch is going to happen, the company was more than a little coy. They previously indicated that Las Vegas and Kansas City are ready for LTE, but it remains unseen where else they plan to launch this month or even what day exactly.

If T-Mobile is going to keep its promise of bringing LTE to 200 million people this year, they better get the ball rolling quickly. Besides updating equipment to enable LTE, the company also needs to start working with manufacturers to bring more LTE-enabled handsets and tablets to their network as well. Luckily they seem to have several LTE devices coming in the not too distant future, including the Samsung Galaxy S4 and the HTC One.

T-Mobile might have come late to the LTE party, but better late then never I suppose. It also helps that even though T-Mobile didn’t have LTE, it did quite a few of its markets covered by high-speed HSPA+42 support. What do you think of T-Mobile LTE plans, excited or not enough to keep you from jumping ship to a different carrier?

Andrew Grush
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