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How to embed your Google Calendar in Notion

Are your calendars out of sync? Stay on the same page by adding your Google Calendar in Notion!
April 27, 2023

Notion is one of the best notetaking apps available for both desktop and mobile. Its many functions allow you to streamline your workflow and maintain productivity through organization. Now, many of us use Google Calendar to set dates and reminders. If you wish to port those over to Notion, your options are a little bit limited — but it is possible. Let’s talk about how to sync Google Calendar with Notion.


To sync Google Calendar with Notion, go to the Google Calendar website. On the calendar you wish to port over, click ⋮ > Settings and sharing > Make available to public > OK. Scroll down and copy the Public URL to this calendar, then paste that link in Notion. When the options appear on the link in Notion, select Create embed.

How to integrate Google Calendar with Notion

Visit the Google Calendar website. Under the My calendars section, click the button next to the calendar you wish to integrate with Notion.

notion google calendar click three dots
Curtis Joe / Android Authority

From the subsequent options, select Settings and sharing.

notion google calendar click settings and sharing
Curtis Joe / Android Authority

Under Access permissions for events, click the Make available to public box.

notion google calendar click make available to public
Curtis Joe / Android Authority

In the warning prompt, click OK.

notion google calendar click ok on warning
Curtis Joe / Android Authority

Now, scroll down the page to the Integrate calendar section. Copy the link in the Public URL to this calendar field.

notion google calendar copy public url
Curtis Joe / Android Authority

Back in Notion, on the notes page where you wish to embed your calendar, right-click and Paste the link. You can also press Ctrl+V on your keyboard.

notion google calendar paste public url
Curtis Joe / Android Authority

In the options that appear on the link, click Create embed.

notion google calendar create embed
Curtis Joe / Android Authority

Your Google Calendar will be embedded into your Notion notes page.

notion google calendar embedded
Curtis Joe / Android Authority