Behold übertexters. Swype Connect is here to save your thumbs from cramping.  The Seattle-based company aims to shine where other Android keyboards lack.

The newest feature is autocomplete. The beta version is packed full of AI goodness which scours your messages, emails, and browsing input habits. Through the aggregation of all this data, Swype finds your writing style and puts together a comprehensive dictionary comprised of the words you use the most plus ones that aren’t normally found.

While this sounds amazing, there are some downsides to the developing technology. These can range from an added space after every comma to gliding your finger over a sentence, only to find the dictionary hasn’t added some of the words you swiped. Other things, like abbreviations with punctuation are not possible unless you add them to the captured word.

However, the company is watching and listening to its audience, and it says it has solutions with Swype Connect. This approach scans your social media personas, with permission, and learns your writing style. Regular re-training can help avoid the affliction of the app forgetting anything you typed in, but do be aware it’s still in beta version.