Swype has finally release its first over-the-air (OTA) update for Swype BETA version 3.26, featuring the new Context Prediction Engine and Japanese language support.  Swype announced the news through a post in the forums of its official website.

The Context Prediction Engine offers 40% increased accuracy rate in predicting words in your sentence. This is made possible by continuously analyzing and studying the way individuals compose their messages, and through continuous use, the software builds a personal language profile of the user.

While the newest features in the update look similar to SwiftKey’s predicting mechanism, developers of Swype, who wrote in an email to Phandroid, made it clear that this will be different from SwiftKey:

Our context prediction engine is providing improved accuracy to words that you enter by Swyping. We aren’t doing any type of ‘completion’ or ‘next word prediction,’ only improving the accuracy of the words Swype offers to match the path the user traced.

The update is enabled only for English, Italian, Spanish, French, and German. The software doesn’t come pre-loaded with static language models for French Canadian, and only through continuous use will the app improve its prediction accuracy. Other languages will be soon made available

The OTA also features support for Japanese (kana-kanji conversion) and tons of bug fixes.

A few week ago, developers introduced Swype v3.26 BETA that features the most-requested automatic updates.

With the updated version, users don’t need to re-install Swype to enjoy updates, rather, updates will be released OTA and pushed directly to devices.

Other changes include enhanced settings and help, refined keyboard layout, and inclusion of 11 additional languages.

Check out Swype’s official webpage for more information and try this app out.

Alvin Ybañez

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