A new version of Swype is out and this one has a new feature which  Nuance Communications, the people behind Dragon Dictate and Swype, called Living Language. Swype Living Language uses crowdsourcing to find new trending words and adds them to the keyboard’s dictionary.

Crowdsourcing, in this context, means that as other users add words to their personal dictionaries the data is sent to Swype’s servers and popular and trending words are automatically pushed out to other users. You need to specifically opt into the service by going to Swype settings and tapping on Language Options. Tap Living language to activate the crowdsourcing. Nuance hope that this new feature will make the keyboard’s predictive results better allowing users to speed up their input.

Also new in this version is a feature called Smart Editor. It analyzes the last entered sentence and highlights any potential errors, along with suggestions, to enable you to fix the text quickly. I tapped “Gong home now” into a text message and Swype correctly underlined Gong and suggested Going. Neat!

On top of all that the inbuilt Dragon Dictation feature now supports a dozen new languages including Catalan, Croatian, Czech, Greek, Hebrew, Malay, Romanian, Slovak, Turkish, Thai, Vietnamese, and Ukrainian.

Swype is not available from Google Play or any other app store, it can only be downloaded directly from Don’t let the “beta” tag put you off, Swype is a perpetual beta and won’t go away. Swype make their money by shipping the Swype software to OEMs (like Samsung) to pre-install on their phones. The free “beta” runs in parallel and, as the Swype site says, “is here to stay!”


The mischievous streak in me wants to invent a word and get all our Android Authority readers to enter it into Swype and see what happens. Want to try…  Here is a made up word: Gloostduck. It means to bend over quickly and get dizzy. How do I know? Because I just invented it! An example sentence would be “I have Gloostduck”. Give it a try in Swype and let me know what happens.