If you’re one of those with ill-feelings towards the stock Android keyboard and have shifted to an alternative keyboard, you might want to give Swype 3.0 Beta a second chance–that is if you’ve glossed over it before. Or, if you’ve ditched Swype previously in favor of “better” alternate keyboards, read on for some new features that might make you want to pick Swype back up.

After several hours of delay, Swype 3.0 Beta’s site is now live and the updated version can be downloaded from there after email registration. The download link will be sent to your email. The beta version will work only on devices that don’t have a preinstalled version of Swype. Also, the beta version is a third-party application currently not distributed through the Android Market. Therefore, if your phone cannot install third-party apps outside Android Market, then you will not be able to install Swype 3.0 Beta.

Three new major features have been incorporated into Swype 3.0 Beta:

  • Tap Correction, which allows you to shift between swipe-typing (slide-typing) or tap-typing without losing the accuracy of Swype’s autocorrection and predictive text functions.
  • Horizontal Word Choice, which shows word choices on a sliding horizontal strip above the keyboard. Earlier versions of Swype used a popup window. Swype 3.0 Beta developers believe this new feature makes word selection quicker and dictionary control much easier.
  • Honeycomb Support, which has features exclusive only to tablets with WXGA screens running Honeycomb. For instance, the Beta version allows you to resize the keyboard and move it to the left, center, or right.

The beta version also solves several issues in previous versions. For instance, license failures after rebooting have already been resolved. Issues about authorization when running CDMA devices on Airplane Mode have also been resolved.

Swype currently supports English (US & UK), French, German, Chinese, Dutch, Italian, Hungarian, Spanish, and Portuguese. Support for more languages is on the way.

The license to use Swype 3.0 Beta will expire after 6 months. More detailed instructions (with screengrabs) on how to install the beta are available on the Swype website.