Google Play Music new logo poll of the week
Last week’s poll summary: It looks like many of you agree — the HTC 10 would be much better suited with an AMOLED display instead of an LCD panel. Coming in at second place, 19% of you said you wouldn’t change anything about the HTC 10. It’s also worth noting that many of you spoke up in the comments to tell us that the HTC 10’s $699 price point is way too high.

In case you missed the big news, Google has just announced that it’s finally rolling out podcasts to Google Play Music.

Google first revealed its podcasting plans way back in October 2015, and since then we’ve basically heard nothing about the feature. We’re not sure why it took so long to become a reality, but we do know now that folks in the United States and Canada can finally listen to podcasts on the web and in the Android app.

For folks who already use Play Music for all their music listening needs, podcasts should be a welcome addition to the app. Now you can store all of your listening material inside one application. With that said, there are a ton of really great podcatchers in the Play Store that bring some unique features not offered by Play Music.

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So tell us — are you switching to Google Play Music for podcasts? Be sure cast your vote in the poll below, and if there’s something you need to add, feel free to speak up in the comment section. We look forward to hearing what you have to say!

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