Apple’s iPhone 5 might be the talk of the town now that it has started selling, but if for some reason “the thinnest, lightest and fastest iPhone ever” doesn’t cut it for you, there might be a way to go over to the Android side and come out with a lucrative deal.

HTC has just launched its own trade up program, which offers you with the perfect excuse of getting rid of your old iPhone and get the One X, one of the best Android smartphones around, if not the absolute best.

Through HTC’s new program you can get up to $280 for a used, but fully functional iPhone 4S, which you can then use to cover for buying the One X. However, if you’ve passed on the 4S too and you’re still the “proud” owner of a first-gen iPhone, iPhone 3G or 3GS, the financial compensation you’ll get from HTC won’t even be worth the effort of going down to a post office and sending the device in.

But how about a nifty pair of $99 urBeats headphones? Would that be worth the effort? We think it might, even if you’ll end up selling the cool headset on Ebay yourself (not that we’re recommending doing that).

You can of course get the free headphones for trading in any model of the iPhone, but for newer versions than the 3GS we’re not exactly feeling the deal. Even the 8GB iPhone 4 can get you $115 cash, so why not take that, spend it on the headset and you’ll have enough left to buy yourself a nice (fast food) meal?

There is a catch for owners of the first three iPhones too, as there’s a pretty slim chance you’ve been able to keep such old devices in mint conditions, with no liquid damage, corrosion or breakage to the screen. But if “care” is your middle name, do go over to the official webpage of HTC’s Trade UP program and check out the deal before October 21, when it’s set to expire. You’ll find the full terms of use here, and then it’s all up to you.

Will you choose the dough or the Dr.Dre approved headset for “deep, rich and immersive sound”? Or neither, as there’s no deal on the face of the Earth that can drive you away from the iPhone 5?