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The Switch to Windows Phone Android app has made its debut in the Google Play Store, and not many users had good things to say about it.

The app uses Quixey’s search engine to match apps on the two platforms and show you what apps (or similar counterparts) you’ll be able to use once you might decide to make the switch to Windows Phone. Well, Android users who gave it a shot didn’t seem to like the idea too much or the way it was put into use.

That’s an easy thing to figure out, since Switch to Windows Phone had an average rating of 1.5 out of 5 stars from 233 reviews at the time this article was written. The most common complaint is about the app not actually giving a list of similar or identical apps you’ll be able to use on Windows Phone. Instead, you just get some tiles and a percentage, which some users claim isn’t even accurate.

A user says that he would like to know exactly which 90% of apps will be available before he dishes out between $300 and $600 on a Windows Phone, while many otherss are complaining about the fact that the app refuses to work unless the phone battery level is at over 50%.

There are users that are even more aggressive, accusing Microsoft of being desperate or of making “sad attempts” of conning users into getting a Windows Phone, and there are some reviews that show Android users’ sense of humor, like this one:

[quote qtext=”I switched to windows phone without this app and almost none of my apps were on windows phone. After using this app 92% of my apps are on windows phone. Also after using this app my back pain disappeared and I got a big raise.” qperson=”Adil Chauhan” qsource=”Google Play Store review” qposition=”center”]

All in all, it doesn’t seem that Microsoft has helped its cause too much with the Switch to Windows Phone app (at least the recent ad was really funny).

Do you think the Switch to Windows Phone app is a good idea on Microsoft’s part?

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