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Swipe Launcher: App launcher using swipe-up gestures

August 29, 2012

When you own an Android device, you are assured of performing functions with much ease and convenience. That is one advantage of owning a very capable gadget, such as a tablet or a smartphone, all the more when the OS your device is running on is no other than Android.

With the launch of Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, people have been very much eager and excited to try out the features that this OS has. Google Now is a much-coveted feature and launching it using the swipe-up gesture adds more to the feature’s flair. This time though, we won’t be showing you an app similar to Google Now but instead, we’ll introduce an app launcher that uses the swipe-up gesture: the Swipe Launcher app.

Swipe Launcher only works with Android devices running Android 4.1 Jelly Bean. Jelly Bean is the only Android OS that supports the swipe-up gesture, originally intended for launching the Google Now service. With Swipe Launcher, you can change the app launched by the said gesture. And to make things even better, you are not limited to just assigning one app to be launched with a swipe.

Upon opening the Swipe Launcher app, you’ll see two tabs. The Registered Apps tab shows you the apps you have assigned to be launched when the swipe-up gesture is done. Initially, the app will only allow you to register only two apps. The next tab which is the All Apps tab shows you a list of all the apps installed in your device. From that list, you get to choose which apps you want to be launched using the gesture.

By the time you have registered apps for the Swipe Launcher to launch, you can test it out by going to your device’s home screen. Once you do the swipe-up gesture, the app will let you choose which app to launch if you have set more than one app for the launcher to fire up. Launching an app from the home screen surely is convenient. You won’t have to tap a few times to get an app launched. Swipe Launcher saves your fingers from the tapping abuse and instead lets you use a more elegant way for opening an app.

Swipe Launcher is fairly easy to use and has no confusing menus and options that will probably annoy you and push you to uninstall the app instead. The fact that this app has minimalist features really helps users navigate it easily. There isn’t much clutter and the interface itself is pretty tidy to look at.

This app provides you with an alternative if you are not really pleased with Jelly Bean’s stock launcher. If you are not really a fan of Google Now and you would rather have your most important apps launched easily just by swiping up, then this launcher app will surely please you.

Your most important and frequently used apps can be accessed easily with Swipe Launcher. Make the in-app purchase to allow you to register an unlimited number of apps to be launched. Tapping more than thrice will be passe once you install this launcher to your Android device.

Download Swipe Launcher from the Google Play Store for free today. Sport a new way of launching apps on your Android device and maybe in a day or two, your friends would want to install the same launcher, too. You’ll be dubbed as the Android trendsetter among your friends.