According to a post on the official SwiftKey blog, the app developers have very recently added a new language information feature; which they have named as ‘conversation models.’ As stated on their blog, this feature is an attempt to give support to SwiftKey app users by making predictions on words normally used in short messages and don’t need a full vocabulary. As a result of this feature, SwiftKey X gives suggestions on words which users might use commonly in both SMS and IM conversations.

Apart from the language update, SwiftKey X is feeling joyful as it celebrates its one millionth personalization. Users who have been with the app for a long time already can simply link the app to their Twitter, Facebook, and Gmail accounts so that SwiftKey gets to learn your previous conversations and help give you an even more ‘predictable’ experience.

As part of its celebration, you can download SwiftKey X this weekend for 25% its usual price. If you already have the SwiftKey app, be sure to update it first before you update the languages in-app feature so you can get this helpful tool!

Click here to download SwiftKey X.

Christine Torralba

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