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April Fools': SwiftKey Tilt, a whole-body typing method that actually works

SwiftKey Tilt is a new method of typing for smartphones, that makes typing a whole-body experience. Even if it's just an April Fools Day joke, it actually works.
April 1, 2013
swiftkey tilt

The SwiftKey April Fools’ joke is called SwiftKey Tilt, described as a “whole-body typing experience” by the company. As far as April Fools’ Day jokes go, this is a pretty clever one.

SwiftKey Tilt works by using a pinball that moves across the keyboard, using the smartphone’s accelerometer. The accelerometer is targeted by the user’s moves, and when the pinball hits a prediction, you get a word.

It may not sound as funny when it’s described, but the presentation video is just hilarious.

What’s even funnier is that, believe it or not, the feature actually works in the latest update of SwiftKey. Just write the word Tilt and keep it pressed on the prediction bar. You will get a menu in which you will be able to enable it, then use it (check out the screenshot below if you don’t believe it).

swiftkey tilt april fools joke

Users are encouraged to post videos and photos of themselves using the new feature and, while we are not sure if the feature will endure in future updates (probably not), SwiftKey Flow, included in SwiftKey 4, is as real as it can be.