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SwiftKey goes free - everything you need to know

SwiftKey is now free! One of Android's most popular keyboards is now free for anyone to grab and it now employes a freemium model. Click to read more!
June 11, 2014
SwiftKey is one of the most popular keyboards of all time. People have been swearing by its prediction algorithms for years. Over the last year SwiftKey has undergone a lot of changes. They’ve added SwiftKey Flow to the mix, various keyboard styles such as thumbs and compact, and more. Today, they appear to be going even further because Swiftkey is now free. To see the new features, you can either keep reading or click the video above!

At its core, SwiftKey is still the same old SwiftKey with the same awesome prediction, SwiftKey Flow, and other features. Even most of the settings remain the same.The biggest change is their monetization methods. Instead of being a paid app, SwiftKey now gives away the app for free and it now has in app purchases. Wait don’t hit the complaint button yet. The only things in this app that cost money are themes.

Swiftkey is free screenshot 1
Yes, SwiftKey has finally updated their very dusty and musty theme selection to include many, many more themes. Some of them come free and for a limited time you can grab a pack of themes for free to see if you like the new styles but this is how SwiftKey will be making money from now on.

Also included in the update are over 800 emojis as well as settings that allow you to control them. If you long press the enter key you can now directly enter emojis into text messages, emails, status updates, and more. There is quite the selection and, for the most part, they work with other apps.

swiftkey is now free screenshot 2
Lastly, there are a few changes that have been a long time coming. SwiftKey has updated their auto correct algorithms to be smarter with your typing and it also incorporates emoji use so you may start to see the keyboard anticipate your emoji needs. My personal favorite is the addition of a dedicated number row which you can turn on in the settings. To get it, click the button below.
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