I think we all agree that what makes a productivity app great, especially one that is not available for free, is the continuous support from developers and frequent updates. With that in mind, it’s pretty difficult to not regard SwiftKey 3 as today’s best third party virtual keyboard for Android, as the app has just received a fresh new update.

Just weeks after getting out of beta and being officially made available in Google Play, SwiftKey has gotten a bump to version, coming with a short, but eye-catching changelog. The most important new feature of the SwiftKey 3 Android app is official Jelly Bean support, which should make it the top alternative to the stock keyboard in the Android 4.1 powered Galaxy Nexus phone and the Nexus 7 tablet.

It’s unclear exactly what does this official JB support entails, especially given the fact that SwiftKey 3 used to work more than fine on the Jelly Bean Galaxy Nexus before this update. Our guess is that we’re dealing with more of a marketing move to ensure users of compatibility than with actual updates or improvements.

On the other hand, the more easily noticeable changes of this latest update are a number of bug fixes. You can now forget about missing secondary characters and you can be certain that predictions will always be appearing in popups.

The updated SwiftKey 3 is available in Google Play for just $3.99, so, if for some reason you’re not fully satisfied with your device’s stock keyboard, you should give this app a quick whirl. And if you’re still not convinced that the app is worth your money, the free one-month trial version is itself up for grabs.

Have you tried the new version of SwiftKey 3? Are the changes and improvements really noticeable? How about on Jelly Bean? Does the app work better than before, or is this “added” JB support only a marketing move?