Swiftkey X, which replaces your device’s default touchscreen keyboard with a smarter, more functional one, is currently one of the most popular Android “productivity” apps. Already running on millions of Android devices, the app has been praised by users and expects alike, receiving the prize for the most innovative app at the “Global Mobile Awards 2012”.

However, TouchType Ltd, the developers behind Swiftkey X’s success, have not rested on their laurels, as they’ve been working for a while to push out a major update to the smart typing tool. According to the latest news, Swiftkey 3 is in the final testing stages and should hit Google Play in a couple of months.

The biggest improvement Swiftkey 3 will bring is an autocorrect function, which, at first glance, looks a lot like the one featured on the iPhone. “The app works out where the spaces should go and works out the spelling mistakes. It will insert the words as you type, allowing users to forget the age old problem of missing space between words. “ This is how Ben Medlock, CTO of TouchType LTD, described the new app version for PocketLint and, like I said, it sounds familiar enough for anyone who has got their hands on an iPhone at some point.

If it’ll work smoothly, the autocorrect function will make the life of many Android users much, much simpler. There’s a huge “if” right there, because we all know the funny (for the receivers), but annoying (for the senders) messages that can be created by using a glitchy autocorrect function on the hurry. But, hey, maybe these guys will do a better job than Apple, who knows?

The new Swiftkey 3 app will bring a couple of other updates to the table as well, including a slight redesign of the virtual keys, with a bigger space bar and a single punctuation key. That’s a modification that was often requested by users. Also, the keyboard has a new overall look, one that is simpler and more stylish according to the developers (or just simpler, if you ask me).

The final stages of “VIP testing” for Swiftkey 3 should start soon. If you sign up for the VIP testing phase, you will be granted free use of the software for two months before being “asked kindly” to buy the app. As I already mentioned, Swiftkey 3 doesn’t yet have an official release date attached to its name and we also don’t know if there’ll be a free version made available aside from a paid one, as it has happened in the past, with Swiftkey X.

Stay tuned on our website to find out more about Swiftkey 3 and check out the video clip below for a short look at the app’s new features.