We suspect that many of the SwiftKey fans have already made the purchase, however if you have yet to get either of the versions or you have simply been curious up until this point –today looks like a good time to make a purchase. The folks behind the SwiftKey apps have lowered the prices for Black Friday.

The apps, SwiftKey 3 Keyboard (for smartphones) and SwiftKey 3 Tablet are both available at a 50 percent discount. Or in other words, you can grab the apps for $1.99 each. They normally sell for $4, which really means that if you buy both today, you would essentially be getting two for one.

Regardless of how you look at it though, SwiftKey is 50 percent off today and while they are well worth the cost at $4 each, they are even more so at $2 each. The apps are available by way of Google Play and for those wondering, both the smartphone version and the tablet optimized version require Android 2.1 or later for use.

Robert Nelson
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