Most weather apps approach the conditions outside in a serious manner that is completely about the facts, and nothing more. For those of us looking for something with a bit more flair, there is Swackett.

Swackett has been around on iOS devices for a while now, but finally has made its way over to Android.

What makes it different from programs like Weather Underground? Instead of just pure facts, you get different on-screen characters that show up in various outfits and gear that indicate what the weather outside is doing.

If its raining, you’ll have a character in a rain jacket. Snow attire for those in snowy conditions. There are even special ‘guest characters’ on occasion, such as Captain Jack Sparrow.

This a fun and unique way to approach weather, but don’t worry, there are traditional forecasts, radar imagery and warnings available under hidden menus as well.

Unfortunately, the app is far from perfect in its current form. The UI isn’t exactly easy to pick up right away, with quite a few hidden menus. There is also an annoying ad present at all times on the top of the screen. In ioS, you can pay $.99 to remove it, but the Android version has yet to provide this option.

Other areas where the app is lacking include no notification bar alerts and no widgets. At this point, it is more of a complimentary app for those with other existing weather programs. Hopefully Swackett improves with future versions, though.

Have you tried out Swackett yet? If so what do you think of it?

Andrew Grush
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