Based on a new developer survey from Appcelerator and IDC, there appears to be issues and concerns regarding the fragmentation of Android. Some developers, according to the survey, have questions about the first wave of Android tablets, and the questions are reducing the interest developers have towards Android.

The survey shows that interest in Android has decreased, although it doesn’t look as if developers are any more engrossed in third-place options after Android and iOS. Interest in Android phones has dropped 2 points down to 85%. While on the other hand, interest in Android tablets has dropped 3 points to 71% after recording a 12 point surge during the survey last January.

The question now remains – why is interest in Android waining recently? Should we take this survey as reality? Most likely, it seems that increasing concerns over fragmentation are the reason why developers lack interest in Android. 63% of developers alleged that device fragmentation was the downfall of Android. Likewise, weak initial momentum for Android tablets and the multiple Android app stores were also cited as concerns.

If we try to dig deeper, it gives us the impression that device fragmentation issues surrounding Android takes part on a grander discussion about mobile fragmentation regarding skills and OS capabilities, which are indeed greater concerns for developers.

But somehow, there’s still good news. Android still has strong interest amongst developers and other options like WP7 are not yet getting much attention. Still, I can’t give my mind a break from thinking about the future of Android. Hopefully Google will address developers’ concerns at Google I/O in a few short weeks.

Any ideas?

Source: GigaOM

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