Chances are that if you own a phone running Android or a phone running iOS, when it comes time to getting a new phone, you’re probably going to stick with the platform you’re familiar with. This doesn’t necessarily mean the platform you picked in the first place is any good, it just means that you’ve already invested time and energy into learning one particular operating system, and you can’t be bothered with figuring out something new. A company called CouponCodes4u recently surveyed 2,371 smartphone carrying Americans between 18 and 35 years old and asked them whether or not they’d consider switching to Nokia’s new Lumia 920. The answer? 52% said no way, 35% were on the fence, and 13% said it depends on the price.

Which smartphones did these people own? Not too surprisingly, nearly 40% had an iPhone, 31% had an Android device, and the rest were rocking a BlackBerry. Now, admittedly, this survey was mainly about the Lumia 920, but we still can still learn a lot about consumer interests from the data gathered. CouponCodes4u says the Lumia 920’s most attractive feature isn’t the design, nor the camera, but the fact that it can work with gloves. Only half the people in the study say they’re interested in the camera, which is actually quite a bit more than we were expecting. We know photography is more popular now then it’s ever been before, but we thought a majority of people still don’t care all that much about snapping pictures with their mobile phone.

Nokia is trying really hard here to become the “third ecosystem”. Competition is good, and we welcome it, but the odds are most definitely stacked against them. Android is moving at a pace that’s blowing people’s minds left and right, and the new iPhone, scheduled to be announced in less than eight hours, is going to attract the people who were holding out for 4G LTE support.