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Survey: more IT professionals are looking to Android tablets than iPads

June 20, 2012

Tablets are invading the enterprise, and obviously the iPad was the first and main reason for the invasion to happen. Another important factor that contributed to the proliferation of tablets in corporate environments is the trend of professionals bringing their own devices (BYOD) to work. Although right now the iPad is leading in enterprise by a big margin, the BYOD trend is also helping Android tablets to get a foothold in boardrooms and offices from across the world. Moreover, according to one survey by Good, Android slates might surpass iPads in number in the close future.

Of the 3000 IT professionals surveyed, 71% said that they own a tablet, and 3 out of 5 said that they use it daily for work. The daily usage is highest among Blackberry tablet owners (71%), followed by iPad (64%) and Android (58%) owners. Currently, 72% of  the companies surveyed by Good said that they have BYOD programs, which is a 60% increase from last year alone. These companies tend to be large ones, with 81% of them having more than 2000 employees.

When surveying the IT professionals for future purchases, most of them (44%) seem to have chosen Android as their default tablet purchase, while only 27% said they would go for the iPad. It seems things are changing fast, even though right now 51% of them say they own an iPad, and 38% say they own an Android tablet, which is still pretty close. In other countries the situation seems to be even better for Android, with 50% of the IT professionals opting for an Android tablet in South America, and only 21.7% for the iPad, Europe (49.3% Android vs. 22.7% iPad), and Africa (43.6% vs. 20.5%).

Another interesting finding was that 43% of the respondents said that pricing is important to them, while only 31% of the iPad owners said the same thing. This shows that Android stands to gain huge market share with more inexpensive tablets within the $150-$300 range, and soon, the Google tablet will be able to jumpstart that trend in Android’s favor.