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Microsoft getting reports of Surface Touch Cover splitting and audio issues

Many reviewers noticed that the Microsoft Surface tablet's performance wasn't what it was supposed to be considering its fantastic specs. However, those aren't the only problems the tablet is facing. New reports show that users are having audio stuttering issues and the Touch Cover is splitting.
November 11, 2012
When the Microsoft Surface tablet was released, there was a lot of people hopeful for the tablet’s success. Microsoft hasn’t done very well in the mobile game since Windows Mobile went down a few years ago. The Surface tablet, along with some new flagship phones is Microsoft’s first real play in the mobile scene in awhile. However, as it turns out, the Surface tablet is seeing some issues.

The tablet didn’t start out the best. According to The Verge, performance was good sometimes and bad other times. That’s not something you want to hear a reviewer say about your product. New reports are coming in that the Touch Cover has begun splitting on many units and that there is a fair amount of audio stuttering.

For the Touch Cover, it is being reported that the edges are starting to break in a manner that exposes the wires underneath. That’s never a good sign. The audio stuttering seems to be a come and go event and it doesn’t affect everyone. Unfortunately for many, Microsoft hasn’t been able to reproduce the problem on their end.

So what is Microsoft doing about these broken Surface tablets?

What any OEM should do when faced with a broken device. Microsoft has been reported as replacing the units with the Touch Cover problems free of charge. At the very least, we can say it could be much worse. Does anyone else remember the Xbox 360 RRoD epidemic?

So if you have the Touch Cover problems, your best bet is to get a hold of Microsoft and make them replace your Surface. The audio stuttering could either be hardware or a software problem. So right now there are no reports of what Microsoft is doing to help those people. Here’s hoping an answer is found relatively soon as no one likes stuttering audio.

Could this be the beginning of a big fiasco for Microsoft and its Surface tablet? Let us know what you think.