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The Samsung Galaxy S3 rumor train is chugging along, with Samsung’s teaser video of the “next Galaxy” giving us absolutely no information about the device itself.

We have all heard about how Samsung is using disguised prototypes when sending out the Galaxy S3 for network testing in an effort to stop the inevitable design leaks that occur during this phase. But as required in network testing, the internal hardware of the prototype is the same as the final device, which has led to a lot of specification leaks.

We apparently now have GL Benchmark test results of the GT-i9300 (rumored to be the Galaxy S3). A user found the test results online, took a screenshot, and sent it to PhoneArena, before the entry was removed. If the results are to be believed, it seems that Samsung is set to blow the competition out of the water.

PhoneArena compared the scores of the GT-i9300 with the GL Benchmark test scores for the HTC One X, the iPhone 4s, and the iPad 3 with the following surprising results:

  • The ARM Mali-400 GPU in this device, which clocked over 400MHz, provides a far superior performance than the GPU in its predecessor, the Galaxy S2. This would easily make it one of the fastest smartphones of 2012.
  • The overclocked GPU of the “Galaxy S3” helped beat out, by a small margin, the dual-core PowerVR GPU featured in the Apple iPhone 4S.
  • The Nvidia Tegra 3 quad-core HTC One X houses a mobile GeForce graphics processor, which seems tame compared to Samsung’s Exynos processor and the Mali-400 GPU.
  • The quad-core PowerVR GPU of the iPad 3, required to power its impressive retina display, still remains the leader of the pack. But, the GT-i9300 did perform extremely well against the iPad GPU.

To summarize, the above results prove that the “next Galaxy” will likely meet most of our expectations and will likely be one of the best, if not the best Android smartphone released this year. If you haven’t caught the teaser trailer of the Samsung Galaxy S3, you can watch it here.

Samsung is certainly raising the expectations we have from the device, and with the above benchmark results, it seems that it may hold up its promises. What are your thoughts? Real benchmark results or just another rumor? What are you doing on May 3? Let us know in the comments section below.

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