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Chainfire surely doesn’t sleep, having just released an updated SuperSU test build for the Android N developer preview. Because it’s such early days yet and more testing needs to be done, Chainfire is not merging the code with the SuperSU found in the beta branch yet. While TWRP isn’t working consistently across the entire N board yet either,  Chainfire has provided test versions of CF-Auto-Root for the entire Nexus family for you to test out.

As Chainfire notes, “there have been some invasive changes under the hood regarding SELinux handling, and there should be a little bit more testing done before going there”. So unless you’re comfortable reflashing a factory image if everything goes tits-up, you may want to hold out for a bit and let others do the dirty work of identifying any bugs in the test release. Chainfire expects this to take another week or two.

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You can download SuperSU for Android N via the link or hit up XDA Developers for the full discussion as well as grab test CF-Auto-Root zip files for all Nexus devices currently running the Android N preview. As always, read the thread, make sure you’re comfortable with the risks involved and make a backup before proceeding. Happy flashing.

What are your thoughts on Android n so far? Improvement or downgrade?

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