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In preparation for Android L and Android TV, SuperSU gets updated to 2.13

SuperSU has now been updated to version 2.13, including improved support for Android L, Android TV and more.
October 13, 2014

Over the weekend Chainfire’s SuperSU received a pretty significant update, bringing its version number up to 2.13. With Android L’s final release likely just around the corner, the latest update brings full Android L compatibility and several tweaks designed to improve support for AOSP, Android TV and so much more. In addition to bringing a bucket-load of improvements, SuperSU also has made its Amazon AppStore debut, which come be extremely useful for Kindle Fire fans.

It is worth noting that, to work properly, SuperSU requires certain binaries to be pushed into the /system partition, and from now on the SuperSU app will include architecture-specific binaries for all versions of Android. Here’s the full list of changes, via Google+, for those looking for a more in-depth look on what’s new:

  • Improved support for Android TV (adjusted icon, disable some features, use device default theme by default, etc)
  • Parse UID names to numbers manually if the system fails to do it
  • Fix system user not gaining root even if “trust system user” enabled
  • Transition to init context if started in init_shell context (if possible)
  • Adjust boot sequence for encrypted devices
  • Support MCS for -cn/–context switch
  • Silence a larger number of audits on latest AOSP/L
  • Many small changes to fix support for latest AOSP/L
  • Secondary users are no longer able to change trust system or respect CM settings
  • Added experimental supolicy binary
  • Check for removed apps at boot, and forget their settings if re-authentication is enabled
  • Amazon Appstore support
  • Remove APK restriction to install to ARM and X86 only (issue for MIPS)
  • Notify interested apps (with root granted) when overlays need to be hidden
  • Transition to init context if started in kernel context
  • Experimental builds for armeabi-v7a, arm64-v8a, x86-64, mips, mips64
  • Fixed erroneous fd close that could cause su session freezes
  • Fixed occasional freezes and wrong exit code in sugote
  • Remove busybox dependency in TWRP/CWM binary updater
  • Fixed missing sugote-mksh in backupscript
  • Fixed install script wiping out SuperSU Pro
  • Added option to disable mount namespace separation
  • Fix bug where grant as default access still showed a prompt
  • Added reboot button in dialog after binary update
  • Added tapjacking protection – may cause issues with screen dimming apps!
  • Added removing Team Venom SU
  • Added new dalvik-cache paths to clear on package maintenance
  • Fix exitcode sometimes being wrong when full content logging is enabled
  • Fix automatic OTA survival
  • Updated language files

To get the latest version you’ll want to head over to Google Play, or alternatively you can grab the APK directly from Chainfire’s website or even though the Amazon AppStore.