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Supernote for Asus Tablets is a Good Reason to Make Your Parents Buy You a Tablet for School

October 27, 2011

The Eee Pad Transformer, and its near-twin the Slider, are two of the more notable contributions Asus has made to the rapidly growing Android tablet market. Tablet users have both positive and negative things to say about these two, but a new application has been released that may tip the scales more favorably. The software is called Supernote, and is, essentially, a document authoring application that is being touted as the “future of note-taking.” The new app was distributed to Transformer and Slider owners earlier this month as part of Asus’ over-the-air (OTA) update for Android 3.2.1 also generally known as Honeycomb, the for-tablet version of the mobile platform.

Supernote enables you to literally scribble notes with your finger on the touchscreen. This isn’t really anything new as there are a lot of other applications that provide a similar feature. The value added by the program is that each letter or word you handwrite can be converted as a separate image. That means you can edit and delete what you’ve put down almost like they were keyboard-typed characters. It all depends on how fast you can scribble as the conversion requires a very quick pause. Of course, in drawing mode, you can also scrawl rough charts, arrows, circles, and all those other markings that typing on a keyboard won’t easily accomplish.

Another note-taking enhancement is the application’s integration with the Eee Pad’s camera. If it so happens your typing or handwriting speed can’t keep up with the presentation or lecture, just take a picture of whatever is on the projector screen or blackboard, then add it as a graphic to your notes.  The application provides a way for organizing all your notes by compiling them into files called “Notebooks”, which you can add or delete pages to later on.

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