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Superfine Galaxy S3 mod upgrades camera, boosts video recording to 30 Mbps

June 7, 2012

Samsung’s Galaxy S3 is impressive in many areas, but the phone’s camera isn’t exactly regarded as groundbreaking. Then again, we’ve seen the shooter performing pretty much at the same level as the ones featured by Apple’s iPhone 4S or HTC’s One X, so we personally don’t have many complaints about it.

If, however, you want to take the 8-megapixel’s video recording to new heights, we have some very good news for you. HyperX, an independent custom ROM developer who’s been handling several cool, functional mods in the past, has come up with an S3 software tweak that takes the phone’s camera and makes it… simply irresistible.

The S3 exclusive mod, available for download here, raises video recording quality on Sammy’s new flagship phone from 19 Megabits per second to 24 Mbps in “Fine mode” and an out of this world 30 Mbps in “Superfine mode”.

These new quality modes will apply to 1080p recorded videos, while 720p clips will have, with the help of this ROM, 19 Mbps “Superfine mode” settings, as well as 15 and 10 MBps “Fine mode” options. Audio recording is itself improved in HyperX’s new mod, raising the bar to a very smooth 192 Kbps setting for all video options and modes.

Improving raw video recording performance is not the only goal of this new mod, which also significantly adds to the camera’s functionality. You can take pics while being on a live call, use the volume up/down buttons to shoot photos while video recording, and, most importantly, load and use the camera even if your battery is below the 15-percent autonomy mark. The S3 blocks access to the phone’s shooter by default when reaching that charge level, which might be a bit frustrating for some users.

There aren’t any bugs or glitches reported by people who’ve tried on the new mod for size, while future updates should add 60fps (frames per second) capture for all resolutions. As far as we know, the S3’s camera can only record video clips at 30 fps right now, so that’s another upgrade to look towards with excitement.

As you might suspect, the mod only works with rooted Galaxy S3s, and you’ll have to replace the original SamsungCamera.apk file in system/app/ with the install package of the software.

Enjoy and don’t forget to drop us a comment below and let us know how does the mod work and if you can really feel the quality boost!