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Super Missed Call: Using gestures to take care of missed calls in a super way

July 5, 2012

“When you’re on Android, you can do almost anything with the use of apps.” I remember my friend telling me this and it got me thinking how spot-on his statement was. The Google Play Store has a vast collection of apps for various uses and purposes. It’s just like, days ago, you wished there was an app that could help you with a certain need and the next thing you know, that app graced the Google Play Store just yesterday. Almost every little need we can possibly have can be answered by an app, which is one of the main reasons why more and more people switch to Android.

Speaking of little needs, has managing your missed calls been something you have to think about? Maybe when you get to know an app that is designed to do so, you’ll probably deem this little need as your own need as well. One app that can exactly do that is Super Missed Call.

Super Missed Call lets you manage your unattended calls in a different way. Imagine this: you were expecting a rather important call but one way or another, you were not able to answer it. You are so busy with a lot of things, you’ll probably even forget to call back. What’s more, you are carrying way too much stuff that you can’t free your fingers to do the necessary tapping to patch a call through. With Super Missed Call, you won’t need to tap more than once to call back. All you need to do is tap on the contact’s name, raise the device near your ear, and wait for the person on the other line to pick up.

The app makes use of motion-based gestures to perform actions. Raising the device near your ear will automatically make a call back to the contact you were not able to answer. Placing the device face down on a surface will prompt the app to ignore the missed call/s.

These gestures are very convenient especially if you find accessing your call logs just to call a contact back a bit inconvenient.

The app’s main interface lets you choose if you want to call back now, call later, or ignore the missed call. You can opt to ignore missed calls through the gesture or you can press the ignore all option.

Super Missed Call logs all your missed calls in chronological order. In case you get multiple missed calls from different people, you can choose to call back one contact by tapping on the contact’s name from the list and raising the device to your ear. You can also schedule to call a contact back, a very good way to be reminded of the calls you need to attend to.

Super Missed Call also allows you to modify some settings through its main interface. You can activate status bar notifications for missed calls, enable the motion-based gestures, and enable reminder sounds. Reminder sounds will come in handy because it will remind you of a missed call every five minutes. This way, you can never forget to get back to a contact.

One thing that makes Super Missed Call awesome is that it is enabled right after you download it from the Google Play Store. You won’t need to install the app and wait for a few more seconds to have it running.

But, do take note, this app runs as a background service, meaning that it will more or less suck out some of your battery’s juice and eat up some memory and processor power. Although this is the case, do try this app yourself and maybe you’ll see otherwise.

You can download a free version of Super Missed Call (ad-supported) or a paid variant, + Super Missed Call, from the Google Play Store. Try this app today and answer one little need you might have overlooked.