Super Hexagon was created by famous game developer Terry Cavanagh. The game, funded by Cavanagh, originally launched on iOS on Aug. 31st, 2012 and later the PC on Nov. 27th, 2012. This week Super Hexagon has finally made its way to the Google Play Store! Super Hexagon is extremely difficult. The game is played by spinning a little triangle around to escape shapes narrowing in on the little¬†triangle. It sound simple, but it really is not, it’s merciless.

There is no such thing as easy in Super Hexagon. Hard, harder and hardest are your only difficulty options. This makes Super Hexagon one of the most difficult games available on the Google Play Store.

Super Hexagon Nexus 7 availability

Cavanagh earlier mentioned that the game suffers from input lag on the Nexus 7, which is why it was excluded from being purchasable on the device. After a few requests to make it available for the Nexus 7, Cavanagh agreed noting, “I sincerely hope it doesn’t interfere with your enjoyment of the game too greatly. We’ll update in future if we’re able to find a solution to this problem.”

If you’re interested in snagging the game for yourself, it’s currently on sale and is 66% off in celebration of its launch on Android. The game is on sale for a limited time, so get it cheap while you can! You can grab it here.

Brad Ward
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