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Sup wants you to play cameraman for your friends

Sup is a social sharing app that lets you give control of your camera over to your friends. They say right, you point right, it's that simple. Are you up for playing cameraman for your friends?
September 13, 2014
Sup camera social sharing

For those of you that are comfortable handing over live control of your Android device’s camera to your friends, Sup is here for you and free in the Google Play Store.

Sup lets you choose who can control your camera, it actually requires you to accept incoming requests before anyone can see through your camera. From there, things are pretty simple, your friend swipes up, down, left or right on their display, and you get a notification to move your device in that direction.

In addition to taking commands from your friends, letting them see what you see by telling you what direction to look in, they can request a swap to your front facing camera as well. Selfie mode basically turns the experience into a one way video conference, with that ephemeral feeling of Snapchat or the like.

Sup heart timer
Rest assured, you have control of what your friends see and out of which camera. Also, Sup calls are limited in time, as indicated by the little heart at the bottom of the display. Allow it to run out of time, or hit that heart to make it last a little longer. Finally, Sup uses your phone number to connect with friends, which should help keep your Supping under control.

There is absolutely no way to talk about Sup without thoughts of privacy coming to mind. Certainly, the developers have thought this through to protect us from unauthorized access to our cameras, but I wonder how many are comfortable simply handing over this level of access and control, even under these strict circumstances.

What do you say, is Sup the app for you?