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SubCell Jukebox: Playing shared music playlists over Wi-Fi

August 1, 2012

Picture this: You’re at a friend’s party and your friend is using his/her phone to play music and to keep the party alive. You approach your friend so you can play a very cool song you’d like everyone to hear, but–yes, but–your friend is using a speaker or audio amplifier that your phone’s audio dock is not compatible with. So, you ask your friend if you can send the music file to his phone but it takes time for the file to fully transfer to your friend’s phone.

Have you ever wished for an app that would allow you to instantly share your favorite music, without the hassle of switching audio jacks or having to send the file? Your wish has come true! Read on to know more about an app for playing shared music playlists.

SubCell Jukebox, developed by AUDUX, is a new easy-to-use app that can help you get your music to and gather music from your friends. Using the same Wi-Fi network, you and your friends can enjoy your favorite music through one phone.

Start by creating a group playlist on your SubCell JukeBox. Your friends will then be able to instantly join the created group list to start sharing their own tunes. There’s no need to unplug the jack cable and plug to a different phone just to listen to a different song. With SubCell JukeBox, you and your friends can create a unique playlist that everyone at the party can enjoy.

Creating a playlist together with friends is easy with SubCell Jukebox. Use your phone as the Master Jukebox and gather music straight to your phone, without the need for them to send the audio file. How is this possible? The app will use Wi-Fi as an access point and turn your phone into a hub. By sharing the same Wi-Fi connection, your friends can connect to your group playlist.

What if you don’t have any Wi-Fi connection? Maybe you’re at a beach party and far from any Wi-Fi connections? SubCell JukeBox has an answer to that. We all know that new Android phones have the feature called “tethering,” which allows your phone to share an Internet connection with other phones or computer. You just need to to have an IP scope that starts with “192.168.x.x”.

However, as of the moment, the app has a lot to improve. There are still some oversights that the developers need to look into. We know that “essentially” SubCell Jukebox is a music player but without the other features of a standard/regular music player, the app is boring.

Here are the following features that AUDUX needs to look into:

  1. When selecting a song, it brings you back to the main playlist but when you tap the back button, it will exit the app.
  2. When selecting a song from an album or an artist the same thing happens. You will not be able to go back to the previous page you were on but instead the app will close. You have to tap the “Note” icon again just to go back and pick another song.
  3. The app doesn’t have the Loop/Repeat feature like other music players do. Songs that you’ve picked disappear from the playlist once it’s done playing.  To play the song again, you have to find the song and add it again to your playlist.
  4. The app doesn’t have the Shuffle feature.
  5. The app should also have the Equalizer feature. This can definitely help your speakers or audio amplifiers provide the best music output.

SubCell JukeBox doesn’t have any feature to Loop/Repeat the songs that you’ve added to the group playlist. The good thing, however, is that it doesn’t take much of your time to add to the playlist, unlike having to Bluetooth an MP3 file.

If you are planning to have a private house party, beach party, or just listen to music with friends over beer, the SubCell JukeBox is a cool app to keep the party alive. With SubCell JukeBox, friends can share the music they love to hear and party music will never be boring again.

You don’t have to worry about the audio jack cable’s being incompatible with your phone or your friend’s phone. Having all your favorite music playing on one phone is a hassle-free experience.

Go ahead and use your Android as a jukebox.  Download the SubCell JukeBox app from the Google Play Store.