Imagine a world where everyone looks almost the same and wears the same style of clothes (with the same colors). That is definitely a world so bland, completely bummer, and entirely fun-free. Would you survive a day in that kind of world? I know I won’t. I will miss out on a lot of fun.

There’s fun in differentiating oneself and in asserting individuality in a world of uniformity. Even in the world of smartphones and tablets. Towards that end, DecalGirl has been, for a long time, in the business of making smartphone and tablet skins that give electronic devices a character of their own. The Decal Girl skins practically make every Android device dress up in many different styles and colors that assert its owner’s individuality.

I had the opportunity to try DecalGirl’s products last week on my Acer Tablet and Motorola DROID 3 phone.

I like their skins a lot. The decals look wonderful and seamless. The back decals applied without any problems, while the front ones took a little lining up. Still, once they were successfully applied, they stayed firmly in place and looked and felt great.

The DecalGirl skins have a really nice premium feel, and can be ordered in both gloss and matte options. The vinyl conformed to my tablet and phone perfectly, and added no noticeable bulk. Plus, each skin appeared to be tailor-made for each device. The cut was so precise and accurate that no ports or physical buttons were hidden or covered when I applied the skins.

Plus, DecalGirl provides free matching wallpapers for your device. Each skin includes a special code to download the file for the wallpaper designs that match the exterior skin. More details about it are available on the DecalGirl website.

Themes and skins do not just refer to the user interface on your Android device. And, Android’s customizability does not just end at UI themes or skins. DecalGirl’s skins for Android smartphones and tablets prove otherwise. Android is customizable inside and outside. I love Android for its ability to be customized, and with Decal Girl skins, I’m able to customize the aesthetics of my Android phone or tablet even more.

If you’re looking for stylish skins for your Android device, DecalGirl ought to be your first and only destination. If you check out DecalGirl today, you can grab a chance to win a free DecalGirl skin of your choice for your Android smartphone or tablet. All you need to do is like us on Facebook, +1 Android Authority on Google Plus, and post a shoutout in the comments section below, and the winners will be determined by raffle draw.

Do you prefer your Android device to look like a plain, ol’ black (or white) slab of electronic wizardry? Or, do you want to slap on it some nice and trendy colored skins?

Link: DecalGirl


Aerol Bibat
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