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Stump Root grants one-click rooting for any carrier branded US LG G3

LG G3 owners can now root any US version of the handset with a single click, thanks to the Stump Root app.
August 18, 2014

Rooting offers users the opportunity to further craft and tweak their Android experience just to their liking, and even brand new handsets, like the LG G3, can be improved with a little rooting.

Courtesy of IOMonster (thecubed), jcase, autoprime, and PlayfulGod, the Stump Root app can root your US LG G3 with the simple click of a button.

Stump Root is particularly handy as it provides a one stop solution for all US variants of the G3. Despite the variety of root tools made available for the LG G3 since its launch, none of them have managed to provide a complete rooting solution of all US variants of LG’s latest flagship. In fact, the Sprint model previously couldn’t be rooted at all.

If you’re looking to root your G3, the video below walks you through the installation process, which is as simple as they come.

  • Download and install the StumpRoot .apk
  • Run StumpRoot and hit “Grind”
  • Reboot after app tells you to
  • Download and install the SuperSU .apk from market
  • Uninstall Stump Root (if you desire)


If you want to double check that your device is compatible, there is a list of confirmed root methods here. It is not currently clear how well this root method works with carrier-less and international versions of the handset, but support for a wider range of G3’s may be added in subsequent versions.

As always, it is advisable to make backups before rooting your device, just to be safe. Proceed at your own risk, and happy rooting.