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Studious: Perfect companion for school work and studies

April 22, 2012

Do you often forget about your homework? You are not alone. Most students nowadays are prone to this kind of problem, mainly because there are a lot of things that get them distracted rather than be more focused on doing their schoolwork. Your Android device is one of the culprit to this problem. Hours of playing games, watching videos, or listening to music is what you often do with your phone, but you can turn things around with the help of Studious. This is an app that will remind you about your homework and what’s even more impressive is that it can tell your phone what to do during class hours. Read on to learn more about Studious.

Studious is developed by Braden Young and it is dedicated to keep your student life on track and on time all the time. With this app, you’re not going to need a planner anymore. Less hassle and bulk and, in some sense, you also become environment-friendly for not using paper to write down your long list of activities and due dates.


Generally, this app helps you to manage your class schedule and activities by notifying you of all the things that you need to do. The app has two highlighted features. First is that it serves as your ultimate planner where you can schedule your activities such as project deadlines and examinations.

The great thing about Studious is that the things that you need to do can be categorized according to which subject or task it belongs. Once you have already jotted things down, you can just tap on a subject and see what tasks you need to do, complete with the specific details.

The second important feature of Studious is that it can dictate your phone on how it should behave during your class hours. It works like an alarm clock but only the other way around. You just need to specify what time your classes are and whether you’d like your phone to vibrate or be completely silent. You won’t have to worry that your phone might suddenly ring in the middle of the teacher’s discussion and you can rest assured that your phone will behave appropriately.

Aside from those two features, Studious has another feature that allows you to save notes that include text and pictures. So, in case your pen runs out of ink, you can just grab your phone and let Studious help you out.


Though Studious’ features work perfectly, there is one issue. One thing that you need to be cautious about is killing Studious using a task manager or an app killer. If you do that, the Studious app will not be able to notify you of your tasks. This also means that the settings you’ve specified for your phone during class hours will not work. So, even if you’ve set Studious to just vibrate during a specific time, your phone will still ring.

But, apart from that, Studious works perfectly. It will surely make your student life more manageable, allowing you to be more focused on your schoolwork. Download Studious from the Google Play Store and manage your school time more efficiently.