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Stiktu: Unleashing your inner graffiti artist

August 9, 2012

Have you ever tried looking at something you stumble upon while roaming the streets and thinking, “This thing looks like a good thing to leave my mark on”? Many of us feel such urge, yet, to actually act out that urge could land us behind bars, charged with vandalism or destruction of property.

If you frequently feel such urge and don’t want to spend time in jail, try the Android app called Stiktu.

Stiktu is nothing near pro-vandalism and it doesn’t promote property damage. But, with this app, you get to spill out all your creative juices by “remixing” photos. The app lets you mix in text captions, colors, and stickers to photos you’ve taken around your block or photos you already have on your device.

You may think that it’s just one of those photo editing apps that provide the same options and features, but you’ll be surprised at how fun this app is. Plus, Stiktu is really easy to use. It won’t need an entire day for you to figure out how to navigate its menus.

Stiktu is also a semi-social networking site that allows your friends to comment on your posts. You can also discover other users using the Discover tab. Under the Discover tab. When you tap on the users tab, you’ll be able to see other users of the same app and if you’d like, you can follow their accounts if you think their posts are awesome or if you just really want to follow them for no particular reason. The Popular tab shows you the most popular posts from different users, based on the number of likes the photo garnered.

You can also view the most recent uploads on the Recent tab, so if you’ve just uploaded one of your works, you’d certainly see it up there.

Editing photos using Stiktu is rather easy. The app has simple menus you can use to draw something on a photo you’ve just taken or a photo you already have in your gallery.

Using the app’s scan feature, you can scan anything and place stickers, text captions, and colors on it. The text and sticker you placed can be resized by pinching the item to make it as small or as big as you like.

The app has a lot of stickers to choose from, ranging from cute smileys to rage faces we normally see on 9GAG. Mix and match colors in your photo to make it more appealing than how it looked originally. You can sketch different things on the photos, as well — rainbows, your signature, or anything random that you can think of. If you want to undo a move you’ve just done, tap both your fingers on the screen to launch the undo wheel.

After you’re done exhausting all your creativity, you can publish your creation for other Stiktu users to see and probably like. You also have the option to share your creation to your friends via Facebook and Twitter.

Boasting your inner Picasso or inner Rembrandt is done best when you have a wider audience to share your creations with. Your audience may also want to download the same app, inspired by your creativity and versatility.

Once you download Stiktu, you’ll surely spend lots and lots of hours coming up with remixed photos to share. If you manage to make a really good one, your post may become number one on the Popular tab with hundreds or maybe thousands of likes from people you don’t even know.

This app is absolutely for free, nothing to spend just to enjoy this app’s features. Download Stiktu today from the Google Play Store and start unleashing your hidden artist.