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Steve Wozniak loves Windows Phone, thinks it’s better than Android

April 30, 2012
Steve wozniak

For people who consider the words of Steve Wozniak, Apple co-founder and geek extraordinaire, as law, you might want to know what “the Woz” thinks of Windows Phone devices in comparison to Android phones and the iPhones. Upon announcing to the world via his Twitter account that he has picked up the flagship Nokia Lumia 900 phone, Wozniak apparently had nice things to say about the $99.99 device.

Talking to A New Domain, Wozniak professed his love for the Windows phone and how he’d prefer it over Android phones “just for looks and beauty”. He said it was shocking to see how apps appear on the phone’s screen and how they are “much more beautiful than the same apps on Android and iPhone.” Wozniak pins this down to either Microsoft or Nokia making more effort in pushing key app developers to make “specialized beautiful ones or put their own themes on.”

Given that Wozniak owns more than a dozen or so gadgets, which include two iPhone 4S, a Motorola Droid Razr, and a Nokia Lumia 900 that he had with him during the interview, such positive appraisals would be very much welcomed by Microsoft’s camp.

Though Wozniak praised Windows Phone 7 for its superior visual appearance and more attractive operation cues, he made his allegiance to Apple clear by saying in a follow-up comment that the iPhone is still the number one phone in his heart. The blow for Android doesn’t end there, however, as he also wrote that he’d recommend Windows Phone over Android phones because the latter “doesn’t yet have the breadth of apps.” Windows Phone, on the other hand, is complimented for setting the mark for user interface.

Wozniak wrapped up his praise for Windows Phone by stating, in a light-hearted way, that he saw hints of Steve Job’s legacy in Windows Phone, given how intuitive and beautiful the Metro interface is, which isn’t really an accurate assessment since the design can be attributed mostly to Joe Belfiore, a Microsoft veteran of 20 years.

Whether you agree or disagree with “the Woz”, it’s always interesting to hear what the man has to say given his genuine affection for technology. Let us know your thoughts below.