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CyanogenMod founder wants to help protect your data with incognito mode for Android

Steve Kondik, founder of the popular CyanogenMod ROM, is creating an incognito mode for Android to help protect user data from prying applications. Read on for more details!
June 12, 2013

In light of the recent NSA data spying scandal, it’d be remiss if I didn’t bring you this news. CyanogenMod founder Steve Kondik has announced on Google+ that he’s working on a new “Run in Incognito Mode” feature for Android.

The function will act as a master controller for all your personal data, denying apps of your choosing access to it when Incognito mode is on. If an app attempts to access data while in Incognito, then it will simply get an empty list for contacts, calendar, browser history, and messages, keeping your information hidden from prying eyes.

On top of that, GPS will appear to always be disabled to the application, so it won’t be able to request your location information unless you want it to. But if you ever need to quickly switch to “normal” mode, you can easily do so via a quick panel item which is displayed when an app is put in Incognito mode.

The feature won’t be providing any ad-blocking or device information spoofing; it is solely intended to help protect your personal data. Unfortunately for those concerned about their privacy though, no release date has been given to this project as of yet.