Last month, Steve Jobs returned in a parody of the iPhone 5, which some people found a little close to crossing the line, but most people just found funny. Now, Steve Jobs returns… again. This time it’s for an iPad Mini parody.

Earlier today we mentioned that the iPad Mini specs and features had finally been made official. We also now know the pricing and release date. With specs that aren’t startlingly impressive and relatively high pricing on even the lowest-tier model, it’s entirely possible that Apple may find itself struggling with the device.

For now, though, let’s forget about that and focus on the parody. The video is embedded below, and this one features a special guest rapper. And no, it isn’t MC Cook.

What do you think of the video? Do you think the iPad Mini parody is better than the parody of the iPhone 5, or not as good? Do you think the iPad Mini is going to do as well as Apple hopes it will, or will it go the way of the Newton?

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