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Stereomood: Finding a music track to match your mood

June 26, 2012

Your music collection might be huge and it just keeps growing because you want to give every mood you have and every activity you engage in an appropriate soundtrack. But, what if you’re really busy and you can’t find the time to throw a new playlist together? Don’t worry, because developers stereomood android created an app just for you. Stereomood is an app that makes sure you have the music to match what you’re feeling, what you’re doing, and what you want to do.

When you launch Stereomood on your Android device, you have the option to sign in using your Facebook account or through your Stereomood account. If you don’t have one, the app lets you register for an account.

You’ll see a wall of slowly scrolling words but no instructions. You can scroll each line left and right to find a word that fits you.

If going through a literal wall of text isn’t your thing, tap on the playlist icon at the bottom to bring up a list. I tapped the word “studying” and the app gave me a playlist with a number of songs chosen to fit the mood.

Stereomood is a great way to discover music, especially when you’re looking for something different from your usual playlist. The app pools together the best independent music from artist submissions and the top music blogs. That means being able to access over 100 music playlists and 50,000 songs.

You can like a song by tapping on the heart next to the song’s thumbnail, but if it grates on your nerves, ban it from your playlist by tapping the ban icon. If you regret banning the song, pull up the playlist tab from the bottom and tap on the ban sign next to the banned song’s title. It will put the song back into your playlist. You can add your own tags to songs to help Stereomood build its mood playlists, or you can build a playlist of your own.

Can’t live without a certain song? Tap more above the song’s thumbnail to bring up a shopping cart to buy the song from Amazon. If you want to let your friends know about what song matches your mood, share the song with Facebook, tweet it, or e-mail it.

The app’s UI is clean and easy on the eyes, dominated by black and white with lively splashes of color to complete the look. It’s also easy to navigate so you don’t have to spend ages fiddling with it and getting lost before you get to the function you want.

If the ads bother you, you can purchase the developers a cup of coffee and do away with those pesky ads.

Get Stereomood for your Android device today. It’s free to download from the Google Play Store.