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The Stealth Black HTC One is now available to buy at AT&T, in both 32GB and 64GB versions.

While the HTC One has been available on AT&T for a few weeks, you could only get it in the silver color version. Sprint, on the other hand, already had the 32GB Stealth Black HTC One version for a couple of weeks now.

If you were planning on getting the HTC One on AT&T, the good news for you is that, while the prices are the same as the ones for the Glacial Silver version, AT&T also offers the 64GB version of the device, as an exclusive. Together with a two-year contract, the 32GB version costs $199.99, while a one-year contract will get you the phone for $449.99.

If you want lots of extra memory and you prefer the 64GB version, you should know that it will set you back $299.99 with a two-year contract. If you only want to be tied up to a contract for a single year, the price of the device will be $549.99.

stealth black htc one

No news on the ever-elusive red edition of the HTC One, which has been spotted on a U.K. retailer’s website earlier this week.

If you’re planning to get an HTC One, be it Stealth Black or Glacial Silver, you may want to take a look at our review of the device, as well as the camera comparison between its Ultrapixel camera and the one of its main competitor, the Samsung Galaxy S4.

What’s your favorite HTC One color version?

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