Ask anyone about the Android vs. iPhone debate and one thing will usually come up: app design. It’s true somewhat, that apps look better on iOS, but new apps like Lightbox are changing that.

Android is, after all, a free and open app ecosystem. If developers want to produce garbage, well, they can. But, in a sea of nearly 350,000 apps for Android, the ones that are beautifully designed and executed will naturally rise to the top. Today, we are reviewing an app that not only looks beautiful, but is also a joy to use, and serves a purpose. Check out our review of Lightbox for Android below.

What does it do?

Lightbox aims to connect you and your camera with the world. It connects your camera with social networks – something existing apps haven’t been able to achieve as flawlessly as Lightbox does. In practice, the app works very well, and will likely get a ton of use by a lot of happy users.  Plus, its got a news section that really distinguishes it. Upon opening it, you are presented with a slideshow of various people in the news from the sources you choose, complete with captions to boot. Nice. Think of it as a news reader, with an emphasis on images, and the news is the social networks you are connected to and frequent. It’s a stylish camera app that’s has the potential to even replace the stock camera app. While short on some crucial features like zoom and autofocus, it makes up for it by giving you access to 10 different filters to get your artsy creative mobile Photoshop cap on. From there, the photos fly into cyberspace, dispensing love, fun, and goodwill to all those privileged enough to be connected to your social networks.

Why do you want it?

Lightbox is a very thoughtfully designed app, and boasts some great features. Really, the best part about Lightbox is that it can “automagically” sync itself with the cloud. Plus, you don’t need to worry about being connected to the ‘net all the time, or for it to use up your data plan like crazy. Essentially, it’s like what Apple is attempting to do with iCloud, which is sync your photos across all of your gadgets, from your Android smartphone to your Honeycomb tablet, and see them immediately. Lightbox is intelligent enough to connect with your Facebook and Twitter (and others), so you can see your friends’ pictures on those networks through Lightbox and retweet and leave comments as you please. Very smart. In our opinion though, is the feature that it doesn’t require an internet connection to operate. It detects whenever you have one, and promptly updates itself – just fantastic.

Download Lightbox Here.