Back in January, Disney first started teasing its new “Star Wars: Assault Team” card-based game for Android, later giving it a limited release in Australia. Now the game has finally arrived to the United States and several other markets as well.

The app is a turn-based card strategy game set in the timeline of the original Star Wars movies. Throughout the game you’ll be able to create squads of fighters comprised of Tusken Raiders and other characters, as well as hero players including Han Solo and Luke Skywalker. As you advance through the action, you’re characters (or cards really) will level up higher and higher.

In addition to the ‘story mode’, the game also offers a competitive PvP multiplayer system for challening other players. If you’re a fan of both Star Wars games and card games, you’ll probably at least want to check this one out.

Assault Team is free to play, but as to be expected, there’s also a number of in-app purchases designed to “make the game experience more enjoyable” (read: to make the developer plenty of extra money). Anyone try this one out yet, if so, what do you think? Worth the download or not?

Andrew Grush

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