What is Squawkin?

Squawkin is a new social media application that focuses more on messaging than on things like check ins or status updates. You can control the size of your messaging circles by using three different tiers and it does provide a little something different. It’s currently free in the Google Play Store with no in app purchases.

Here’s how the app works. Once you sign up and get settled in, you’ll be able to start interacting with people on Squawkin. There are three tiers of communication that you can use. There is the usual private messaging which is self explanatory. Groups allows you to create a group and populate it with people you know. Then those people can interact much like a chat room. The third tier is called Crowds and that’s kind of like following something on Twitter. You follow a person or interest and you can post there to have everyone see it. Likewise, they can do the same.

Squawkin uses a classic Holo UI so it’s easy enough to navigate around and find what you need to find. There are a variety of tools to communicate with people you know and some discovery features to get you in touch with people you don’t know. It does have a few pitfalls. Inviting people to the app is kinda difficult because it doesn’t access your contacts (like other social networking apps do) so there’s no real way to invite people unless you send them to download the app or to the website directly. Other than that, everything is straightforward and very few people will be confused on how to use Squawkin.

squawkin review

It's something a little bit different.


Allows you to communicate with other users in three tiers which is unique.
Focuses on messaging rather than on status updates which is a refreshing change.
Free with no in app purchases.
Uses Holo UI which makes it easy to use.
There are plenty of discovery and messaging features to help you enjoy yourself.


A lot of people have reported network and server issues so it may take you a few tries to actually sign up.
Because it doesn't have access to your contacts, you'll have to find different ways to invite them.
Make sure you read their privacy policy. There may be some things there that you may not like.

Bottom Line

Overall, it’s a nifty idea. Most social networks focus on a “friends” or “followers” paradigm whereas this is more like an old school messaging service with a social media aspect. If you’re looking for something new and a little bit different then this could be for you. It is free to try so it can’t hurt.

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