Starbucks has had a mobile payment option available for some time now. It was the official Starbucks app for Android. And while that app remains available and remains a good app for those who are already comfortable using it, Android users now have another alternative when it comes to paying for their coffee fix.

This new addition comes as an update to an older app. The app is Square Wallet. The Square Wallet app is similar to the Starbucks app in that they both allow the user to pay their bill without having to swipe a credit or debit card. Paying using either the Square Wallet app or the Starbucks app means holding your phone up and allowing the barista to scan a barcode.

The Square Wallet app works off the credit (or debit) card that you have associated with your Square account. The Starbucks app works off a Starbucks gift card. And that is where the perk comes in for the Square Wallet app — no worrying about reloading the virtual gift card. Of course, on the flip side, you can get rewards using the official Starbucks app.

Otherwise, the Square Wallet app also keeps your receipts which will allow you to easily keep track of how much you are spending on coffee. Another perk of the Square Wallet app is that it will work with other retail locations, which to us means being familiar with and using one app for multiple stores as opposed to multiple apps.

Those using the Square Wallet app for the first time will need to create an account and add a payment method. Once that is done, launching the app will bring you to a page that shows nearby locations that accept Square Wallet. Tapping one of those locations will give you details such as how far it is from your current location, the address, directions, the hours and even the “store features.”

Finally, the Square Wallet app is free to download, currently sitting at version 2.4.1 and will run on devices with Android 2.2 or later.

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