Despite the seemingly exorbitant price tags attached, it seems gamers have responded well to the porting of several games from the Final Fantasy series to Android – with the highest priced one being Final Fantasy III’s $16, followed by the original Final Fantasy, which goes for $7 on Google Play. Square Enix is preparing to release yet another FF game for RPG enthusiasts, Final Fantasy Dimensions.

Final Fantasy Dimensions is expected to be Square Enix’s main star in Gamescom, and we should hear more launch details as the gaming event unfolds. The game itself was the first Final Fantasy title to be developed for mobile platforms when it was released as the Final Fantasy Legends in Japan in 2010.

The 2D role-playing game features an Active Battle System – first seen on Final Fantasy IV – and will let gamers take on the roles of different characters and their jobs, which range from Freelancer, Warrior, Monk, Thief, Red Mage, Black Mage, White Mage, and Summoners. Players will control the “Warriors of Light” or “Warriors of Darkness” party, each with five members and their own set of skills.

Other games to look forward to from Square Enix for the Android platform include the matching game Qwirkle, matching puzzle game KooZac, a revamped SolaRola, and brain-training game Mensa Academy.

Better start logging more hours on the two Final Fantasy games you’ve purchased with your hard-earned money above before you jump on the Final Fantasy Dimensions, which should come out pretty soon,  and the rest of Square Enix’s upcoming offerings.

Any takers?