final fantasy for android

Not all games have to come with a $1 price tag, especially for RPG titles from Square Enix and their iconic Final Fantasy series.

While the seemingly exorbitant price that the developer charges isn’t to everyone’s taste, it’s at time like these we are grateful that holidays exist, for they help bring the price tags of these pricey games down, albeit temporarily. Want to know what games Square Enix are having on sale?

The original Final Fantasy game, whose Android version has received a graphical makeover, was launched back in July for $6.99. You can now get the beloved RPG title for $4.99. We would’ve loved it if Square can extend the price cut to Final Fantasy III, but maybe next time.

Then there’s Chrono Trigger, which is now offered $6.99. You’ll make an even bigger saving if you buy Chaos Rings and Chaos Rings Omega, as their prices have been slashed from $12.99 to $3.99.  You can also grab Crystal Defenders for $3.99.

These titles should pack more than enough game hours to last you till the New Year. Hit the links to get your game on, but just make sure you do it before January 3.